About Experda

Founded in 2005, and publicly traded on the OTC Bulletin Board, Experda (former name: DBA Services) designs innovative software solutions for the automation and effective management of Microsoft SQL Servers.
Registered in the US, Experda has distribution alliances throughout the world, including North America, South America, Europe, and South Africa, and a fast-growing base of satisfied customers worldwide.
Experda’s founders identified the need for a comprehensive solution to SQL Server management, maintenance and recovery. The product would be simple to use, and affordable and would give companies a clear and unquestioned return on their investment. Existing solutions were expensive and did not address the needs of two distinct and very important customer groups.
The first group is small companies who do not have the manpower, knowledge, understanding or time to ensure smooth running of their database. The second group is the large corporations who have dozens or even hundreds of SQL Servers and require maximum management and control over their servers from one central point.
Experda’s flagship product, EZManage SQL Pro is an automated management tool which empowers administrators to keep their Microsoft SQL Server databases up and running in perfect order.
Our Experts have developed EZManage Cloud, a Microsoft SQL management solution with a web interface that allows a view of the status of all SQL servers from anywhere at any time. The software provides the user with an in-depth View and investigates performance issues in real time and historic. Follow the growth size of the disks, databases, tables & indexes and receive a daily DBA report directly to the email.
Experda also develops Qure Optimizer, a one of a kind tool for SQL Server performance improvement. The software automatically tunes an entire workload on a sterile environment and provides accurate recommendations that have been tested and proven to improve the system for a long period of time.

What Makes Us Unique?

One of the most prominent things that make Experda so unique is a winning combination of providing professional services and developing unique products for managing and improving Microsoft SQL Server performance.
While many companies in the market only provide services or products, Experda combines both types of solutions together, making it easier for the customer in many ways.
The Company sees the preservation and improvement of the relationship with the customer as a supreme goal. We provide technical support over the phone, on our Facebook business page and in the CRM system (opening technical calls to our DBA staff ) in order to enable customers to receive a professional response in a fast and convenient way accessible to all customers.
Experda’s representatives participate in dozens of conventions every year, in which collaborations are formed in a variety of technological fields.
The company’s website team makes sure to share with existing and potential customers information about the company’s activity by creating posts in the media and through a monthly newsletter.
The company’s development experts are currently working on creating a blog on the website, in order to strengthen the connection with customers and to create a dialogue and clarification on key issues.

How Did it All Begin?

Experda started as a startup company in 2005 named FutureIT which was publically traded in the OTC, one of Nasdaq’s extension. The Company developd its flagship successful product EZManage SQL.

In 2010 Experda was acquired and became a private company named DBA Services which also started to provide professional services. As part the acquisition DBSophic continues to develop and support company products: Qure Optimizer & Qure Profiler.

In 2013 Experda acquired DBSophic along with the technical staff of the company and became its parent company. 
Experda started as ‘Future IT’ in 2005 and in 2010 became ‘DBA Services’.
In the first half of 2018′, ‘DBA Services’ rebranded as Experda, in part of the celebrations for 13 years of establishment.