Uri Twig

Uri Twig

Responsible for leading Company's worldwide Sales and Distribution activity.. 100% committed to the customers and partners with future vision of providing company tools to thousands of organizations all around the world.

About the Structural and Professional Changes That Have Taken Place In Experda

In 2005 Experda started its activity as a startup company named FutureIT and soon after started to trade in the Nasdaq OTC.

In the early days, The main business of the company was developing its unique product EZManage SQL which today is one of the leading softwares for the management of Microsoft SQL servers with over 5,000 installations worldwide.

In 2010 FutureIT was acquired by a long time partner, “Genie Support” a private local company and one of the leading IT solution providers in Israel.

The company name was rebranded to DBA Services in order to reflect the solutions it provides which includes professional SQL services and developing EZManage SQL.

Today Genie holds a group of companies including Experda and Sophtix (Information security experts) which can offer customers a high level of system, database and information security solutions.

After major growth in business activity with many local and international customers DBA services acquired DBSophic in 2014, an international company that developed professional products for SQL Server performance improvement.

Recently Experda 

(Former DBA Services) hosted a spectacular Launching event of the new company branding along with company partner Microsoft at their beautiful fancy We-work offices in the center of Tel Aviv.

The company continues to grow and be in the forefront of technology with thousands of customers worldwide including Nestle, Siemens, Boeing, US Airforce and more.

Experda employs a staff of over 20 professional employees with over 1000 customers worldwide.

Partner channel is based in North America, Europe, far east and

Experda’s roadmap is to continue participating in technical and SQL Server events in the near future after a successful visit to the Seattle pass which led to many cooperation’s and interests in company products.

I am very proud to be leading the sales and distribution management activity from the early stages of the company and looking to fulfill its potential in the best way possible according to company’s vision.

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