Uzi Shabat

Uzi Shabat

Uzi Shabat - Digital Marketing Manager Responsible for all of the digital activity of Experda & DBSophic: Website maintenance & upgrades, Social media interactions, monthly newsletter, article publishes and ongoing operation with various suppliers.

Digital Marketing of Experda – From the Eyes of the Marketing Manager

Promoting a company like Experda, requires from the marketer to be dynamic, diversity, creativity and of course, organized work and close attention to the small details.

The company has developed over the last 13 years from a local company to a global success in the MSSQL field.

Experda provides services to a variety of global audience that is not specific or focused, what is the meaning? Every self-respecting company is obliged to accept certain DBA services (depending on its size and needs), so that the target audience is very wide.

First of All Social Networks

Many customers are not even aware of existing SQL products on the market. Therefore, marketers must reach customers rather than wait for consumers to look for the need (again, for lack of awareness). We at Experda mainly use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to expose the brand to potential leads.

It is important to use social networks broadly and correctly, to find new audiences, to spread the brand name and to mix with other global companies that are struggling with the same target audiences.

In addition to finding potential leads, it is important for the Experda’s marketing team to maintain close relationships with customers, update them with innovations and developments, promotions and other features.

Through responses and direct messages from users in social media, we learn best about the real needs of our customers. At the end of this process, conclusions are drawn and the missing information is also accessible to the other customers.

Informative Site

The company’s website contains a lot of information about the company’s products: product descriptions, trial download files, manuals and videos. In addition, you can find the Resource Center area, which provides customers with a variety of solutions, with questions & answers, customer success stories, release notes, newsletters and more.

On our about page you can find in-depth information about the company: the development of Expedra over the years, the process of purchasing DBSophic, the management team and more. On the Partners page, you can view our partners around the world, which helps the company market and create business collaborations.

The Customers page contains the Enterprise customers of the company from the early days.

Establishing a World-Class Brand In Search Results and In all Popular Media Venues

In today’s world of marketing, we must not stay in place, our self expectation is always to renew, surprise, initiate. Again, I repeat the need. If it is not enough that most customers do not know how much they don’t know (that there are revolutionary products to help them), the competition in the DBA market is so high that it is even more difficult to integrate into the field and emerge as a leading company.

The company’s customers and potential leads who have expressed an interest in our products in the past receive a monthly newsletter summarizing new developments, changes in the company’s products and activities. Maintaining the existing audience is just as important as finding new audiences for us at Experda.

We are not compromising with only providing support channels and presenting value-added information in the Resource Center area of ​​the home site. We post answers to questions, solutions, and key issues on social networks. The goal is to remove any small customer doubts about the products.

Based on search results under the brand name and under relevant expressions in the SQL field, Google is also reflected in images and other platforms perceived as strong by Google: Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, Flickr and many more.

In conclusion:

The marketing department of Experda must continue to act to strengthen and expand in all of the arenas mentioned. It is impossible to skip one arena or another. The marketing activity must be carried out in a lateral manner in order to continue to lead the growth of the company, the distribution of the brand, the creation of leads and the preservation of existing customers.

In the following content we will discuss other platforms in which we operate, the monthly newsletter that is provided to customers, and more. There is so much to wait for.

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