Uzi Shabat

Uzi Shabat

Uzi Shabat - Digital Marketing Manager Responsible for all of the digital activity of Experda & DBSophic: Website maintenance & upgrades, Social media interactions, monthly newsletter, article publishes and ongoing operation with various suppliers.

Stability, Cooperation and a Variety of Services: Everything About Experda

Experda has undergone a major developmental process over the 13 years of its existence. The company, which began as a start-up initially called ‘Future IT,’ became the market leader in Israel and one of the most recognized firms in the world in the provision of DBA services and MSSQL products. The collaborations formed over the years have made Experda stable, well-established and renowned in its spheres of activity.

What collaborations were formed in Israel and internationally? How is economic stability assured for the company and its employees? What products does Experda market and what makes them unique?

Thousands of customers all over the world

The company’s reputation earned over 13 years of operations, its employees’ participation in global conferences and events, and intensive activities in the media, including social networks, blogs and websites – all these help Experda reach customers all over the world.

The winning combination of global collaborative efforts and Experda’s unique products creates interest in the Company’s products among customers seeking specific advantages.

Products and services that will always be needed

The field of DBA is under the spotlight of attention, MSSQL products will always be in demand and provide the solutions needed by diverse companies all over the world.

Experda’s products and services provide a variety of solutions: monitoring and control, performance-improvement, data backups and restoration and intra-organizational security. We strongly believe in automation (the entire technological world is steering in that direction), but we recognize the importance of human personal attention.

Our DBA experts work with customers on a daily basis, perform physical installments of infrastructure and products at customers’ offices and provide technical solutions as needed.

Global and internal collaborations

Experda has several global collaborations with influential companies in a variety of fields.

The company’s internal core is so strong that, when it was acquired in 2010 by Brit Pikuah and joined the Genie Group, Sopthix also joined them later. Genie engages in providing computer solutions to businesses and Sopthix provides information protection and security options to organizations.

Experda’s “long arm” is strengthening the company’s economic stability and is also making the company’s capabilities and products available to far-away customers in Asia and in South America. Since competition among global companies in the DBA market is intense, it is critical to highlight Experda’s uniqueness and the added value that it provides to customers.

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