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Upgrading SQL Server Versions
Aviv Madmon

An Overview of SQL Server 2019

Introduction Apart from Big Data clusters being the biggest news surrounding the release of SQL Server 2019, there are a number of major developments and

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Efrat Whetstone

So What Is SQL “Always On”?

The Technical term of “Always on” refers to a system that is constantly available, operational and responding to demands from users. Microsoft’s AlwaysOn technology was first presented

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SQL Server Indexes
Ray Maor

Using Covering Indexes In a Query

SQL server allows us to create multi-columned indexes. In most of today’s systems –it’s required. The automatic index recommendations that are provided in the execution

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Guest Writer


WHAT IS THE MEANING OF SQL SERVER BI (BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE)? SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) is referred to as a set of tools that are

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